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Instructions for Reviewers
    Younsang Cho | 2022.05.09
Reviewers form the cornerstone of the peer review process, and their evaluations ensure the quality of published research. The editors assign
reviewers for EAHT who do not have conflicts of interest with the authors. In addition to this precaution, reviewers are required to disclose any
conflicts with the evaluation of the manuscript, and this information is taken into account by the editors when decisions are made. Reviewing a
manuscript is a time-intensive process but it is very worthwhile for the reviewer as well as for the scientific community. Duties of reviewers for
EAHT are as follows:
evaluate the assigned manuscript timely.
ensure the rigorous standards of the scientific process
ensure the confidentiality by taking part in the single-blind peer-review system of EAHT.
uphold the integrity of the journal by identifying invalid research and helping to maintain the quality of the journal.
fulfil a sense of obligation to the community and their own area of research.
can help prevent ethical breaches by identifying plagiarism, research fraud and other problems by dint of their familiarity with the subject area.

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